Saturday, 1 August 2015

Summer holiday reality....

My blog posts have been fairly sporadic recently. And I'm blaming the summer holidays! Although lil knitwit only goes to nursery 3 mornings and one full day a week, it's still quite a lot of free time! And as an added bonus nursery wears him out so he has a nice nap after. 

But now? No nursery = no nap! Which means everything is having to be done whilst he's awake. Cleaning with a child is not fun! 

Anyway I have been getting some crafty bits done! For starters I've made lots of stuff for mine and Mr knitwits wedding! Yes we are finally going to tie the knot next year! It's still a way off so I won't be posting any pictures of what I've made till  afterwards so I don't spoil the surprise. 

I did go and pick up some fabric last week to make my mum a mimi blouse! That's on the cards for next week! (How fabulous is that check? I might have to make one for myself! ) 

And I've started knitting my second project using the wool from littlelambwool, so far it's lovely to knit with and I have a front and part of a back of a bear! 

I'm liking the pattern the wool is making although it reminds me a bit of Christmas! 

I've also finished knitting another minion so all I have to do with that is stitch it up and send him on his way! (Fun fact: did you know that all minions are boys? Apparently the creator couldn't imagine women doing the stupid things the minions do!) 

Me wise, I don't really have anything to make at the moment? I'm feeling a little bit uninspired by what fabrics I do have! So I'm hoping she. My birthday rolls around in September I might be spoiled with some abakhan vouchers! (Well a girl can dream!) 

Much love 



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