Friday, 28 August 2015

Bow tie blouse!

Does anyone remember this blouse from the great British sewing bee book, fashion with fabric? 

Well I've had it cut out for months ! And I mean months , it was one of those projects I cut out and then instantly couldn't be bothered with! 

Anyway after giving myself a good talking to I finished it off, including hand sewing the hems and facings. 

No I see why I avoided it in the first place! Boy was I peeved! I mean look at those shoulders I look like an extra from a period drama! 

I have no idea if it was the fabric, or my sewing, or if I traced the pattern wrong, but I was not a happy bunny! 

In fact I was so unhappy I hacked the bloody sleeves off! 

And voila! Much better and no work lost! 

I love the tie neck and the loose fit.

And I love that I managed to salvage all that work! Including my 7 buttonholes that went in no bother!!! 

Got to say I'm pretty pleased with myself to say I nearly threw it in the bin twice! 

Anyway I'm off to work on a refashion! 

Much love



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  1. Nicely saved, who'd have thought a lack of sleeves would have made such a big difference. It looks even nicer in reality than in the photos.


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