Monday, 27 July 2015

Casual quilting

I was struck down by stomach cramps last night. So after a hot water bottle , a couple of paracetomal and a tot of brandy, I settled on the sofa with some trashy telly and some hand quilting.

I've had this panel for a long long time! I have no idea why I brought it? Probably the magpie in me going oooooh pretty! 

You can't really see the quilting , but it's pretty basic stitching , and it's turning out nice and poofy! 

I've done the usual three layers that I do , cotton , wadding, cotton! 

My only bug bare is that it's a touch too small for my embroidery hoop so it's being done without! And I'm constantly worrying about it rucking up! 

Here's the very attractive back! Not much more to say really apart from I think I know what I'm going to do with it when the hand quilting a finished and my tummy stops hurting! 

Much love



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