Thursday, 6 August 2015

Little Lamb Wool - Part 3 , Little bear.

Its finished! after a little bit of cursing and learning how to knit into the front and back of a stitch! (yes I am still learning new stitches! and I'm proud!)

I have finished my final project using my wool from littlelambwool, and its an adorable little bear!

I used WYS Signature British wool 4ply Bird Prints in bullfinch Which is made by west yorkshire spinners, and boy is it nice to knit with, for starters the colour change combination is lush! That's really the way to describe it! There is two different shade of grey teamed with a creamy white and a bright pop of red, and the joy of this colour change wool is that it adds interest to a simple pattern without having to weave in lots of loose ends, plus I think it looks a bit like fair isle knitting! The wool is a 4ply so I knitted it up on size 3mm needles, which is what's recommended on the wool band. As its 4ply is quite a thin wool but its also very soft and springy! And it feels much nicer to some of the acrylic wools that are out there!

The bear is a free pattern from raverly that I found it on pinterest. It's an actual Debbie bliss pattern and is knitted in garter stitch.

Pattern wise its fairly easy to follow although I would recommend reading the comments with regards to the body section as the instructions are not quite as clear as they could be. And also read the comments if you an accomplished knitter because some people have worked out how to knit the body in the round which save time on making up! I think this pattern would suit an adventurous beginner, there's some slipped stitch parts which are easy to follow and knitting into the front and back of a stitch but I think that covers all of the slightly difficult bits. And as a bonus I'm sure he'd look lovely knitted up in stockinette stitch as well!  

My only quibble with the pattern is that it doesn't have a tail, and I'm from the school of thought that bears should have tails! But I'm sure the little baby who this is going to live with won't find the lack of tail to offensive!

All in all I'd say this has been a very successful project! I love how the wool looks with the pattern and I'm so pleased I managed to make a bear that doesn't look evil. The whole thing knitted up quickly and the bear is lovely and soft and squishy!

If you'd like to make this bear for your very own you'd need this wool , and as an added bonus it come in 6 different colours! I'm currently lusting after woodpigeon !

Thank you again to LittleLambWool for sending me such lovely wools to try!

Much Love



Disclaimer: Although these items were sent to me free, all opinions are my own. I would never provide good reviews for items I myself would not use, as a teacher once told me I'm honest almost to a fault!

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