Monday, 17 August 2015

Look I got a taggy!

Lil knitwit is obsessed with the tags on the inside of clothes. Apparently it's a kid thing, liking tags intact they even make tag blankets now! 

So , so did I! 

Remember my lil quilting project from s week or two ago? 

Well I added some lengths on ribbon and a furry backing and voila a taggy blanket. 

Everything was from my stash , including the furry backing, which in turn seemed to be attached to its own wadding! 

Which made it very very thick to sew! Not sure how my machine coped! 

All in all in pleased how it turned out, I'm guessing is washable, and it's bumpy on the front which I guess means it's sensory? And the backs furry , and well who doesn't love furry stuff! And there's all kinds of ribbon, in pretty patterns and textures! 

I'm pretty sure this lil blanket is going to blow the tiny babies , tiny mind! 

BOOM! Texture! 

In other news I'm still tired from the wedding, but I seem to be getting back into my sewing groove. Although I am feeling really uninspired by my stash fabrics at the moment, it's either an awesome print on s price the size of a hankie, or a tablecloths worth of hideousness! 

Think this might mean I need to go fabric shopping! 




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