Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Children are messy, it's a fact of life - baby bib tutorial

I'm not sure how many bibs I had for little knitwit, but I remember using pretty much every single one. And I remember thinking quite a lot about the design aspect. 

Pull over the head bibs? Complete pain if your child decided to cover his entire face with food, you usually end up getting it in their hair as well! 

Velcro? Great for getting off in a hurry! Not so great if baby decides to give it one swift tug! 

Plastic tray ones? Stiff an uncomfortable for baby! 

Ones with sleeves? Never seem to wash quite right!

Anyway I seemed to find a wealth of baby bib knowledge when it came to knocking up my own quick pattern! 

I'll cover how to make your own bib pattern in another post! This one is based on construction! 

First cut your pieces, I used a soft pink flannel for the back. 

And a thicker quilting cotton for the front! 
(Mine was probably a lil but too thick!)

Next pin your front and back pieces right sides together, and stitch around the edge leaving a three inch gap at the bottom to turn it out. I sewed pretty close to the edge for this probably about 0.5cm away! 

Next turn its right ways out , tuck under where the gap is and pin, and them topstitch around. I did one straight stitch and one zigzag, I personally prefer the look of the zig zag! 

Next add a buttonhole or press stud, I chose the use a button hole and my foot had a bit of a tantrum! 

Give it a quick press and voila! 

Baby bib made! 

I made two in about half an hour. And I got to use a stash fabric that I didn't particularly like ! So win win! 

I do think the zig zag better, and it gives more of a made with love feel! 

Top tips! 
- shorten your stitch length , it makes it far easier to go round tight corners! 
- if it's not turning out neatly try clipping your corners that should help! 
- draw on your seam allowance, a rough guide will help you visualise the finished size of your bib! 
- use undesirable fabrics! Babies look cute in anything remember! 

As you can see these are very simple bibs , but I will be posting a few tutorials on how to pimp them up so to speak very shortly! 

Much love



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