Sunday, 30 August 2015

If you can't fight, wear a big hat...

I'm not sure where that saying came from, I remember my dad saying it a LOT! when I was growing up. 

So anyhow I was recently given a bag of jewellery bits and pieces and in the bags were some hair combs. 

One thing led to another and.... 

I started to make a fascinator 

I basically used folded bits of netting that I then sewed to a comb. 

I layered them up and then added some pearly beads! 

It's a pretty big fascinator to be honest, in fact I'm wondering if it's a bit too ostentatious! However for my first foray in pretty darn pleased with it. And as an added bonus there's a second comb so I can have another go if I want! 

In other news , I felt like poop today, take out food is not agreeing with me at the moment. I think it's because it's so greasy and I tend to eat a lot of fresh food.

I also retraced the lilou bodice because I've misplaced mine and gave the sewing room a good old tidy! And I mean good old tidy! There was too bin bags of rubbish. 

Much love




  1. You should look to see if there are any Milliners (Might be spelt wrong) courses you could do.

  2. She certainly does seem to have a knack for it


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