Thursday, 20 August 2015

Quentin Tarantino skirt!

I've seen quite a few Tarantino films now, and whilst I like some I'm not a massive fan! 
And to make matters worse, my least favourite of his films is what I've based this skirt on! 
So hear it comes, I'm sorry Tarantino fans of the world but I don't like kill bill, I dunno why but it just doesn't appeal to me. 
Anyway the reason this project came about was because of the fabric, I had an off cut of a tartan poly cotton from Minerva crafts! In fact it was this one:

So without further ado here's what I made! (Excuse my creepy eyes! Apparently I have a problem with flash!) 

It's a tartan skirt , with a contrast waistband. I used my clemence skirt pieces but instead of gathering I did some kind of double folded box pleat ! Descriptive I know! But honestly I have no idea how I achieved it! 

As you can see the pleats make the skirt very very full! 

I used a zip from my stash, and the contrast band also came from stash fabric!

There's a small issue with fit, it's a little big. I'm currently contemplating correcting it, but if I do will I be uncomfortable if I eat too much cake.?

The lengths pretty good though! 

Now for the verdict, i think I like it, I can't decide whether I look like the lady of some stately mansion somewhere or if I look like a student who should be sat on her teachers desk asking if there's ANYTHING at all she can do for a bit of extra credit. (Take that where you will!) 

Anyway here's the character I based it on, her name is gogo! 

She kills people with a mace. And let's face it if your gonna kill people a mace is definitely the way to go! 

Much love



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