Friday, 7 August 2015

what's behind curtain number three? its another knitted minion!

There's not really too much to say about these minions now, I've used the same pattern (my own) and needles for every single one. so its basically the same size and shape. after the first one I tweaked the pattern a bit but its finally perfect now!

As usual I did a custom initial on the pocket! And added little tiny hands and feet! Boy are they fiddly to sew!

I think the one eyed versions are far cuter! I don't know what it is about things with one eye but they are just adorable!

In other news, things have been pretty hectic at the moment with it being the summer holidays, I gave my sadly neglected garden a tidy up yesterday (weeds grow so fast!) only to discover that the bloody slugs had been at my marigolds! The sweet peas however are stronger than ever before , trust me i had to pull the little swine's apart to tie them up!

We've got some baking planned for next week, and lots more visits from friends and family, and we've got two weddings and a hen do coming up! its literally all go at the moment.

Projects wise, I've got one baby project on the go (which will come with a tutorial), one hand patchwork project, one machine patchwork project and I've started looking at knitting the dinosaur I got free with my lets knit magazine! And then ill be posting another tutorial on how to make baby bibs complete with pattern (can you tell I'm using my friends pregnancy as an excuse to make tutorials!)  

And that's it really!

Apart from the cleaning, which I had forgotten is some more ore fun with a small child! (insert copious amounts of sarcasm here)

Much Love



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