Friday, 17 July 2015

Little Lamb Wool - Part One

Guess who's been a lucky girl?


The lovely people at LittleLambWool were nice enough to send me a little package of goodies!

Lets just take a minute to appreciate the adorableness of their sheep logo?

Anyhoo's they were kind enough to let me have a peruse of the website and see if their was anything I fancied! And luckily I had a good two hours to kill! Yes I spent two hours looking at the website but its soooooo well laid out!

they stock a variety of things from knitting patterns, knitting books, gifts, accessories and wool!

The wool page was the one that caught my attention the most. I wouldn't consider myself to be a novice knitter, just one who trundles along. so having the different types of wool laid out clearly and the ability to refine the search by wool weight, fibre, colour and brand really helped me! I can imagine if you needed a specific wool for a project this website would make it really easy to find.

Anyway these are the treats that they sent me!

My first pick was a Peter Pan merino baby DK (white) this is destined to be baby booties for my friend who's expecting a little baby! Sex so far unknown so I'm playing it safe! And it is the most beautiful white I have ever seen as well as being adorable, soft and squishy! I think I'm going to knit up the baby booties first (I've already found a free pattern on line) so look out for those in Little Lamb Wool - Part Two!

The second item they sent was WYS 4ply bird prints (bullfinch) As soon as I saw the colours in this wool on the website I fell in love, its just so typically British! It says on the label its perfect for sock making, sadly I can't knit socks (although this wool makes me tempted to try) so I'm going to make a little teddy bear again for the new bambino! I think it will be nice to have a darker teddy, hopefully it will need less washing!

The Teddy bear will be Little Lamb Wool - Part Three and I am itching to start! (I'm using a pattern from raverly so you'll be able to whip up your won should you wish!)

Now I'll end with a quick nod to the packaging, both wools arrived packaged together in a green plastic jiffy bag, which is brilliant for making sure that the wools don't get wet in transit and means that even through we were out Mr.Postman managed to post them through!

Thank you to Little Lamb Wool for a wonderful gift, and please do visit their page! Just try not to loose two hours like I did!

Much Love



Disclaimer: Although these items were sent to me free, all opinions are my own. I would never provide good reviews for items I myself would not use, as a teacher once told me I'm honest almost to a fault!

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