Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Never be afraid to try something new, remember amateurs built the ark, professionals built the titanic....

I loved photography, I loved taking pictures, I loved looking at pictures, I loved it all , every opportunity I had I stole my brother in laws canon SLR and took pictures. 

(Here's my brother on his wedding day, I think I was 15/16/17 when I took this) 

So naturally when the opportunity to study photography as an a level came up I grabbed it with both hands. I mean what could go wrong I LOVED taking pictures! 

I enjoyed my lessons to a certain extent, their wasn't a proper studio , and the printer never had ink , and the computers froze as soon as you looked at them. But it was reasonably fun and I learnt the basics of how my camera worked. (I had brought myself the exact same camera as my brother in law , who researched the best deals for me, because he's a gem and stuff) 

And I still liked taking pictures, I didn't like  the hours we seemed to spend on photoshop, making crap pictures looked good. But I still liked to take pictures. 

I even went on the class trip to New York and took even more pictures! 

And I really loved taking pictures in New York! Because there was so much to photograph! 

And then after our first year, the results came in..... I got a D (only just it was nearly an E) I asked my teachers what went wrong were my pictures bad? No they were good, not brilliant but not awful. So what was the problem? I hadn't explained myself properly, there was no link between me and another photographers work, there was very little annotation. 

Enjoying it wasn't enough, I needed to know stuff, so I quit photography and put my camera away. 

Don't get me wrong , I still got it out on the odd occasion but it was no longer glued to my hand. 

I used it to take pictures of Mr knitwit on his bike. 

And to take pictures for my shop. 

But I didn't play with it anymore, I didn't experiment. Until yesterday,
 I found an old flash and blew off the cobwebs. 

I've never shot with a flash attachment before so it was a steep learning curve. Luckily I had a willing model. 

I like taking pictures, I thought I didn't, but it turns out I don't like explaining myself. 

So I'm going to keep taking pictures and if someone asks me why I've done it like that I'm going to tell them because it's pretty! 

After all it's all very well and good being able to explain your work, but if it ain't pretty, it ain't nothin. 

Much love


Amateur photographer 


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