Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Little Knitwits Flowers

My Mums uncle and Auntie haven't been doing to well recently, ones poorly and now the other is as well.

I spoke to my uncle a few months ago and he was more upset about the state of his garden than his health. He was upset because he hadn't been able to plant any flowers for the past few years so it didnt look very pretty. And this is a man who's very proud of his garden.

So lil Knitwit decided to do something about it....

These are lolly pop flowers, everything was from lil knitwits craft box and have been put together using masking tape (the glue just wasn't sticking)

I cut some of the shapes from craft foam and coloured paper and he decided how they would look.

I did consider doing a tutorial but its pretty basic stuff , just let your kid go wild with the craft box!

Here is a list of things I put out for lil knitwit to use:
lolly sticks (ours were from a craft kit but you could recycle)
pipe cleaners
mini pegs
masking tape

all in all he had a blast making them and im really hoping they cheer my uncle up, even if they wont last very long inside!

I like the idea of flowers that don't die and think these would make an awesome kids craft for mothers day etc! with the added bonus that they are no mess!

and when your in the first week of the summer holidays trying to remember how to clean with a small child running about your ankles no mess is a big deal!

Much Love



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