Saturday, 25 July 2015

There's only so many pieces of fruit a person can sew.....

I have two magazines delivered a month, Disney sweets and treats and love quilting and patchwork! Which my sister and brother in law kindly got me as a present! 

I stopped buying seeing magazines a while ago, it seemed to be a lot of the same old same old , lots of kitsch things to fill a house, and lots of upcycling projects I would never do! Plus every issue seemed to feature how to make a pin cushion, and nobody needs that many pin cushions! 

However I am seriously enjoying love quilting and patchwork, maybe it's because it's focused on one skill, or that it features a great mixture of projects for different skill levels! 

But it also has excellent free items, like things you'll actually use, not just things to clog up the place! 

In fact I enjoy it that much I re read it pretty much everyday, there's nothing I like more than my morning brew and a quick retread whilst lil knitwit eats his breakfast. 

But a few days ago I got another magazine surprise! Mr knitwit brought me a copy of let's knit on the way back from the barbers! 

He doesn't really get the craft thing so it always surprises me when he does something like this! Anyway I was pleasantly surprised by the projects in this as well! In fact there a couple of things I'm going to try and make and one project that might encourage me to ask Mr knitwits nan how to use double pointed needles! 

And as an added bonus it came with a kit to make this. 

Which little knitwit has his eye on! It's patiently waiting in the knitting queue. I've got an order for a minion to do and then part three of my little lamb review and then I'm going to make this bad boy! 

Much love



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