Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Patchwork baby toys.

I like the idea of handmade things for babies, so I've been experimenting. 

I've used my love of patchwork and created some simple baby toys. 

First of all I made the ball, I traced a pentagon from my laptop and used an English paper pieced technique. 

Here's the basic steps:

1. Cut out 12 pentagons (I think this is the right number, you try counting things on a round object, it's hard!) 

2. Cut fabric slightly larger than templates. 

3. Tack fabric to templates (don't stich through the template!) 

4. Once all of your pieces are tacked, start stitching them together. I used a simple whip stitch and stitched from the outside. 

5. It gets shape pretty quickly, so you have to slip the templates out as soon as you can, (you will have to stitch a few without the template , which is easier than it sounds) 

6. Stuff with toy fibre and slip stitch your last opening closed and voila! 

I realise that these instructions are probably clear as mud but if I get chance I'll create a tutorial with pictures and all that sort of fabulousness! 

For the square one, I used the same method but made six square templates instead! 

Anyway I think they are pretty cute! You could leave the card templates in but I decided to take them out so its washable.... Babies slobber.... Like all the dammed time! 

I think they'd make lovely baby gifts, and as an added bonus they use scraps!!!! Yay!!!! 

Much love



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