Sunday, 12 July 2015

it started with a broken needle....

I recently posted this picture on both my instagram and facebook.

with the caption - Wasn't sure it was possible but I've snapped a hand sewing needle! X

anyway i had one perfectly sensible comment and then this happened between me and one of my bestest friends Conor. (and yes his name does only have 1n)

conor - Is a sign that you have transcended to a new level of sewing?

me - Nah I think it's just because I'm "sew" hardcore x

conor - That was a "threadful" pun...

me -  I was waiting on "pins" for your response!

conor - You're gonna have me in "Stitches" at this rate!

me - Ain't no "bobbin" about from me x

conor - "Needle" to keep tabs on you!

me -  I'll have to learn to "button" it x

conor -  Nooo, it'd be wrong to keep you "Hem"-med in

me - But still ill try to keep "zipped" and stop "ribbon" you (BOOM TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!) x

conor - Don't think I'll "Bow" to this, if I can ever "Tie" you down I will "Knot" hold back my revenge! (TRIPLE WORD!!! NEW HIGH SCORE)

me - I was hoping you wouldn't "cotton" on to the "fabric" of my plan. I'm going to "spool" you in the art of wordplay. Your gonna wish you'd never "cross"(stitched) me! (I SEE YOUR THREE AND RAISE YOU! BOOM!) x

conor - Don't "Spin" me a "Line"! I'm "Yarning" to foil your plan, I "Wool"'nt push it too far. I think your plan, is such a load a "Silk". Gonn have to "Enbroiden" your strategies!

me - There's six you muppet 😅


me -  I can see I'm not going to Make the "Cut", I can't pull the "Wool" over your eyes. So I'm going to "Patch" together a clever response, I think that I'm better, "kNot" that I'm "bias" or anything and you "shear" are a "knitwit" ps. Not sure line counts it's almost as if your heads full of "stuffing"

Did I hear eight from the lady in the back? SOLD!

conor - Repitition!!!!

me- WHAT! The duck! WHERE? X

conor -  I Totally used wool and Knot!! Fix!!!!!

me - Yeah it is a "fix" (doesn't count if you don't quote it!) you win gosh "darn" it  x
 I have been "spooled" x

conor - "Eye" take this victory in the name of Mighty Myself!!!

me - As I said "knit" wit ........

and he finished with this picture

Conor Thackray's photo.

my friends are awesome

much love 



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