Thursday, 3 September 2015

Winter is coming.....

I don't want to alarm you but when I woke up this morning, well, there was a distinct chill in the air. 

Yes a chill

And yesterday a quick trip to the shops left me looking like this . 

Thats right folks, winter is coming, put away those flip flops and dust off your winter wardrobe. 

I don't have a winter wardrobe , in fact when I was at college a friend commented that my transition from summer to winter involved wearing thick tights and a scarf. But that was the good old days, when a puppy dog look in the right direction meant I had a lift to school and didn't have to brave the weather. 

However me and lil knitwit, we walk to nursery, and I mean 20 minute walk. 30 minutes if he's grouchy/tired. In fact it's that much of a walk that I destroyed my winter boots last year, the soles came away and they had to be binned! 

But anyway it's got me thinking about my winter wardrobe and winter fashions. And here's a few things I want to make/buy/steal from relatives this year. 

I want a hat like this, something with a seventies hippy vibe, but preferably in a dark brown/black. 

And I'm going to attempt to make myself a slouchy beanie. There's a few patterns online I just need to find a nice grey wool I like. 

I'm seeing this is a darker grey or black knit with the bones appliquéd on. 

A tartan skirt, I did have some left over tartan poly cotton but I wasn't sure it would hold up to being a wiggle skirt. (Read: my backside would have destroyed it!) 

A grandad jumper, complete with fake leather buttons and chunky cables! Every year I say I'm going to make one for myself and every year I bottle it. Note to self: must be braver, or create knitting monkeys to do it for me. 

A leather jacket, I have a brown one but my sister has a black leather jacket she's getting rid of so there might be a refashion on the books! 

Cable socks, yet again my lack of knitting skill and dedication lets me down. 

I just really love the heart elbow patches!

Stag jumper, send like a pretty simple appliqué project if I can find the right jumper. 

Anchor jumper, ditto

So yeah winter is coming and I'm already preparing myself for cold mornings and wet hair ! 

Much love



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