Tuesday, 8 September 2015

the worlds comfiest skull print dress!

So I was going to leave this and wait to blog it until I had taken some better pictures. recently I've been using my iPhone and a small wireless remote to take outfit pictures but the quality was getting me down so I've asked for a wireless remote for my camera for my birthday! and I'm hoping and praying I'll get it!

So this will probably be my last ever outfit post using the camera from my iPhone, in future hopefully you can expect some higher quality images!

But onto the matter at hand. On my last trip to abakans my big sister was nice enough to buy this cute skull print fabric for me from one of the price per kg bins.

It has hearts and skulls and bows! I mean what more could you possibly want from a print! I'm pretty sure its in the cotton family fabric wise, but my limited knowledge of fabric can't tell what type, so I'll just say this its super soft and very drapey!

Anyway after seeing the drape and softness of the fabric I quickly decided to make the worlds most comfortable dress!

I used the silk tunic pattern from the second Great British Sewing Bee book, but lengthened the hem by 6 inches, although I shouldn't have bothered because i think i took it up by about 4 and it has a really deep hem, about and inch and a half!
I know that deep hems are a bit of a faux pas in the sewing world, but i find with a drapey fabric i thicker and therefore heavier hem stops you showing your knickers Marilyn style in a strong wind!

Pattern wise its really basic, a front piece a back piece and a should yoke, as well as neck facings. I decided to French seam everything so it took me a bit longer but if you had an over-locker (please santa!) i think you could finish the whole thing in an hour!.

I also added a channel to the waist of the garment and threaded some elastic through. The elastic just gives the garment some shape without being uncomfortable. But you can't see it because of the belt im wearing

All in all I think it's been a pretty successful make. I wanted an easy dress that I could just throw on and now I've got one!.

Please excuse my sleepy face on these pictures, I'd not been feeling terribly well and was sewing to cheer myself up!

In other news!

; Its my birthday next week! Yay! And Mr Knitwit has the whole week off so we've been giving the house a through sorting! How we have so much crap I'll never know!

; I have been steadily working on some tutorials so keep your eyes peeled!

; and Little Knitwit goes back to nursery tomorrow which sucks but he's happy to be back and seeing his friends again!

Much Love



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