Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Happy Birthday To ME!

So its been a while since I've blogged. It's been a pretty hectic week, ya know with it being my birthday and all. Yeah I'm now the big 23, I'm pretty sure that's grown up territory but boy I cannot wait until I'm 24. I hate being an odd number old.

But enough about my phobia of odd numbers. Here's a small selection of my gifts that are particularly noteworthy, blogwise!

I got small owl print fat quarter's from my mum and dad, they are from the Craft Cotton Company who might just stock the most adorable fabrics in the whole entire world!

I got a wireless remote for my slr camera which hopefully means I'll be able to take better quality outfit pictures. Previously I was using my iphone but unless I took them at precisely the right time they were coming out very grainy.

But it was Mr Knitwit who really made my day (althought it said it was from little knitwit too) with this tablet and keyboard which Im blogging on right now! Its fantastic Ive already realised i can hook up my camera to import pictures aswell as play games and keep up on social media! Really its just a big phone but it makes life a lot easier! Plus I've downloaded a drawing app and I've spent the past two days drawing pretty pictures of things I'd like to make.

And that's it really, I got other lovely gifts too, like two gorgeous jumpsuits and some gift cards aswell as the sparkliest belt I have ever since!

Much Love




  1. We've got a little something for you, to go with your magazine subscription, you should always have something to unwrap :) xxx

    1. Your bad! The magazine was a big enough present as is! X


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