Friday, 4 September 2015

knitting and crochet hybrid baby blanket!

So what do you all think of the new blog design? I felt like I needed a change to something a lil bit more grown up! If your sat reading on a mobile device thinking "what blog design change?" then pop yourself onto a computer pronto!

In other news me and Mr Knitwit treated ourselves to a curry last night to celebrate being on track with paying off the wedding and boy am I feeling it today! I mean boy! Trust me I love curry (well I say curry I have a korma) but boy is my stomach sensitive to the spices they use!

Anyhoo sitting on the sofa feeling sorry for myself gave me a good excuse to finish my latest project!

A diagonal knit baby blanket with a crocheted boarder! Yerp that right I actually crocheted a boarder! And it don't look half bad!

Mr Knitwit doesn't like the wool but I actually think it turned out kinda sweet looking! I especially like the diagonal next to the straight boarder.

And I love my felt flowers I really think they add a lil something to the blanket!

I am so proud of myself for doing a crochet boarder it think its the first time I've ever crocheted something that looks half decent!

Size wise its not a huge blanket because I was running out of wool, but I'd say its juts the right size for a car seat or pram blanket, or even as an emergency changing mat!

I already have a recipient in mind for this, I just hope she likes it!

I made sure I properly secured the buttons on the flowers as well, cos you know babies will destroy things in 20 seconds or less!

I've not include a picture of the back because well its pretty much the same as the front but without the flowers and because its got a personal message sewn to it, and I don't like to share all my secrets on the internet!

Much Love





  1. What a lovely baby blanket. I can knit but have never learnt to crochet. Perhaps you should consider removing the buttons, as it is a baby blanket. You wouldn't want one getting swallowed.

    1. Great minds think alike! I took the buttons off about an hour after I posted this! Thanks for reading! X


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