Monday, 21 September 2015

Beautiful box

It's been a long day today, yesterday I went on a lovely hen do and today my body is screaming from forcing it to wear high heels! Basically I'm knackered but I really enjoyed myself! We went to watch the horse racing ive never been before so it was quite an experience and we were lucky enough to have a box! So we all felt right posh! 

I even received a little gift! I'd helped mr knitwits cousin and his wife when they weren't pleased with their wedding pictures, it wasn't a lot of work and I was glad I could help but they got me this box to say thankyou anyway! 

Isn't it the sweetest thing you've ever seen? I love it! There's a little sewing scene behind some glass and I'm currently using it to store special sewing bits like my grandmas thimble and another thimble my neighbour gave me that I think was her grandmas, as well as some sweet notes from people who have been good enough to send me fabric. 

In other news my new set of French curves have arrived! 

I hope they are the right sort, they were advertised as for sewing and drawing on Amazon so I don't think I've gone too wrong! 

Ive done a few bits on the sewing front but they are a surprise waiting to be properly written up and unveiled! But they are super adorable! 

Mainly I'm just waiting until I finally get some free time! This month has been hectic to say the least and we've still got a wedding to go! I think I'll be spending the first week of October recovering from all the excitement! 

Much love




  1. That is a lovely box to receive as a present, definitely for storing very special items!!


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