Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Catch up time

So i think i can officially say that September has been a hectic month!

so I'll start from the beginning, we had my birthday which was lovely and i was a lucky girl and was given two hobby craft vouchers, i brought several things including a new pair of fabric scissors and some thread as well as this little beauty.

Ive never tried needle felting so I'm looking forward to giving it a go and seeing how i enjoy it. I especially like that there are three of them , like my little family. and at only £3 its an absolute bargain!

Ive also received some gifts from someone who reads my blog and we've become rather good pen pals! Its nice to have someone to talk to about sewing and knitting. She has been kind enough to send some patterns some of which will be making an appearance very soon, a seam allowance tool which i think will come in very handy for pattern drafting and some fabric. One piece has already been cut and is waiting to be sewn and another i know exactly what i want to do with it!

I also photographed my first wedding last weekend, It was a lot fun even if it was a lot of pressure!!! I'm happy with a lot of the pictures Ive got and i did a better job than i thought i would! sadly theres not many pictures of me due to my photographer responsibilities but here's a blurry on of me and Mr knitwit stood together whilst i took pictures!

and the bride and groom gave me these beautiful flowers as a thank you! It was completely unexpected in fact i didn't even have any shoes on when i went to get them!

You can see a few of the photos once they have been approved by the bride! Hopefully she likes them as much as i do. Even if it was a really long day, we got up at seven, little knitwit threw up in the car on the way down (luckily he wasn't in his suit) I had to clear of the car using a combination of wet wipes and an old asda carrier bag that's been in the car since Christmas whilst trying to avoid getting any puke on myself (i was already dressed for the wedding) then i had a whole day of photography ahead of me! I definitely didn't need to be dealing with sick in the morning that's for sure!

But it was all worth it! i felt very privileged to watch the bride get ready on her special day and it was an honour to e trusted with such a huge responsibility.

In other news!!! I have a tutorial up on the craft cotton website!!! Its my first proper tutorial so pop over and have a peruse of their gorgeous fabrics and give it a whirl!!!

I'm very proud of myself and it feels like this is a step in the right direction for what id like to be doing with my future!!!

And theres two more tutorials to go!!! so keep your eyes peeled!

much love



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