Monday, 1 June 2015

The evil bear of doooooooom!

A little while ago Mr knitwits nan gave me a bear kit that she hadn't got round to finishing. And when she offered it to me to use I jumped at the chance (mainly because it was highly probable that all the pieces were knitted and just needed sewing together , nans not a huge fan of sewing things together) 

I was very nearly right, I just had to knit 5 pieces , two paw pads, two leg pieces and a stupidly complicated looking body piece . 

Oh yeah I knit was of those! Surprisingly the instructions were pretty simple! 

Anyway here's are the decapitated pieces of bear. It was a brute to stitch together by the way.

Here's a wonky eyed bear face, with dainty nose (before I ruined it)

Here's what it's supposed to look like.....

All stuffed and well bloody huge! I was not expecting it to be this darn big! I had to make a couple of changes, for starters the arms are stitched together, it turns out that you can stitch them on upside down so they hang funny, and it also turns out that fluffy stitches in fluffy wool are dammed hard to unpick therefore a little bit of sticking magic made them look normal! 

I also changed the stitches around the hearts on the blanket and paws, the instructions called for big stitches but I didn't think they seemed very sturdy, so I opted for a simple running stitch! 

My nose also came out more pointy and triangly, and well not brilliant but not awful. 

The heart in the ear is a pretty cute feature though! 

And the feet are pretty cute!

But here's the honest truth! If I had brought/been brought this kit I would never have finished it! I'm not great at the whole finishing hard projects thing! So I am extremely thankful that nan lost her motivation and all I had to do was knit a few small pieces and stitch it up! 

That's what I call teamwork!

Much love



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  1. Too, too cute. I think Ms. Purple Bear looks fabulous. And, no, I would never have bought this for myself to do. But the end results are fabulous.


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