Monday, 8 June 2015

Another day another row

So summer has finally decided to arrive, and thank god! It's nice to give my winter wardrobe a break! And it's perfect timing as my jeans torn in the knee last week! So now I can wait till my birthday to replace them and just wear pretty summer dresses until then! 

Anyway here at knitwits HQ a few things have been happening although the nothing major.

•I've been working on custom orders,

•i've changed my books over for fresh ones , basically I own a LOT of books and we have zero space for them so me and Mr knitwits came up with a deal, all my reference books stay downstairs in a big box behind the chair, and my literature stays in our loft, then I have 20 or so books that I keep on a bookshelf in the bedroom and I rotate them when I get bored. 

At first I hated this system, but then I began to appreciate it, I realised I had got lazy with my reading and was just rereading the same books over and over! Now I'm forced to Broaden my horizons (plus it forced me to finish vanity fair!) 

• I've been playing around with the lilou bodice and am currently sewing up my changes (fingers crossed I finish it tonight) so I can blog it tomorrow, hopefully with some sort of brief tutorial on how to alter pattern pieces to create new necklines. 

• but currently im sat in our man room, whilst little knitwit slumbers in his bedroom after a hard day at nursery and Mr knitwit slumbers after a night shift. so I'm adding more rows to my English paper pieced quilt. 

I've got this whole EPP thing down to a fine art now, I have two bags that I cart around the house and they contain all my supplies! I even took them shopping last week on the off chance that little knitwit napped in the car, so I'd have something to do whilst he quietly snoozed! He didn't but it was nice to be prepared.

Technically there are other things I could be doing whilst my boys sleep, but I like to convince myself that ironing is very loud and I would want to risk waking them up! 

Much love




  1. Is the paper piecing not really fiddly? I've got a tonne of scraps that I'd like to use up like this (inspired by your quilt of course), but wondering if I'd have the patience to do it haha!

    1. It's actually not too bad! There's a great magazine out called love quilting and sewing (or something like that) and each issue comes with a little epp kit for like a phone case or something, which would be a great way of trying it! Tbh I don't really see the patience thing as an issue cod I tend to pick it up and put it down as the mood takes me, if I'm ill I get loads done but around Christmas and birthdays I won't touch it!
      But I'd definitely give it a go! X

  2. I love to see EPP but I'm not much on the doing EPP although I've finished a few pieces using it but always small ones. It definitely is an easy to tote around project.

    1. i love being able to take it everywhere and anywhere, i tend to see this as a bunch of small projects that stitch up into a big project because i group them into fours first! definitely saves me time x


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