Friday, 5 June 2015

By the power of grayskull!

Okay so after feeling a bit meh about my projects in the waiting I decided to do something really fun and frivolous. So I made a He-man dress. 

I should probably explain that my He-man fabric came from little knitwits godfather (they were his childhood curtains) and they were in super! Good condition! 

Now I've been planning on toiling my lilou bodice again (from love at first stitch by Tilly walnes) mainly because I thought I could get away with a size smaller so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to do some testing and have fun. 

It went together fairly easily until I realised this had happened, that's a fully twisted strap folks! By the time I realised I had already attached the skirt to the front bodice and attached the lining, apart from at the bottom, so instead of undoing about five steps of hard work I just unpicked the should seam and pushed it through in a moment of sewing wizardry (I realise that makes about as much sense as the shell suit phenomenon, but there you go! If I screw up again I'll be sure to take pictures) and then top stitched the whole thing to neaten it up. 

Anyway I got it together in the end! 

I'm still having trouble with the shoulder straps, so I'm assuming I have some  sort of quirky shoulder thing going on! (Are you proud of me by the way? I managed to do a back view without bowing my head down!) 

Due to fabric shortage I couldn't really pattern match, which I don't really mind. It means I have skeletor rising out of my back! 

And I managed to keep anything huge from drawing people's eyes to my boobage area. 

I used all the fabric I had left for the skirt. I had roughly a square so I just halved it and then halved one of the halfs to make three panels (one front two back) for the skirt. It's pretty full because of all the gathering but I think it looks cute. 

I did end up with a gap at the top of my zip, so I added a button. Do you remember the first series of gbsb when they made the shell top and had to make a loop from thread? Well I made one of those! 

Mainly to prove to myself that if Patrick grant was stood over me, I'd be able to make one. And if he'd like me to prove it, I'd be quite happy to. 

Here's the print, we have skeltor. 

Not sure who this is? 

He-man himself, who wears smaller pants than I remember? 

But no she-ra sadly.... 

That's the inside of the bodice which I stitched by hand for added neatness! 

All in all I love it , and it's a far better fit! 

Much love




  1. Unique, clever, and really cute dress. Great job!

    1. Thankyou I'm super pleased with how it turned out x

  2. This fabric is so awesome made into a pretty dress, I love it. Nice work!


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