Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Ooooo, fabricgasm

For anyone who doesn't know a fabricgasm is....... Actually I'm gonna let you figure it out for yourselves, it involves the word fabric and gasm so I think it's pretty self explanatory. 

Anyway, seen as I'm still rocking my no buying fabric till I've used fabric stuff, my fabricgasm a have been strictly the online kind (I sound full on creepy right now) so I thought I'd share some of my favourites! 

Somebody buy me this Liberty so I can make the worlds prettiest blouse! 

I have a weird relationship with birds, owls=yes, parrots/bugies=no. Pigeons I hate!!! Speaking of which are they getting braver or is it just me? When I was young a well placed clap and the little buggers would go flying, but I practically stood on one yesterday and it didn't even flinch! 

There's still a little freaky goth kid in me somewhere! 

I mean she's really trying to get out!

I can practically feel her sharp little black goth nails clawing on the inside of my head! 

Yeah I'm gonna have to let her out soon, please expect some Skeleton makes as soon as my fabric stash allows! 

I love the look and style of retro games, anything in 8 bit is right up my alley.

My sister calls me Frankenstein so this is pretty appropriate. 

My little pony - nuff said

And lastly I'm not sure who this is, but it would make the cutest summer dress! 

Anyway if you want to see more of my fabricgasms follow me on Pinterest! I update my fabricgasm board regularly, usually at 3am when I can't sleep! 

Suddenly just realised that most of my choices are Alexander Hebert which says a huge amount about how seriously awesome his designs are! (At least I'm assuming it's a he? And not just a team of "people"? I'm picturing a cool , friendly guy with round spectacles, a deep love for coffee and a wicked sense of humour, if I find out it's a group of university students working on iPads I might cry!) 

Much love 



P.s if someone could shed some light on the Alexander Henry thing that would be awesome! 

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