Monday, 15 June 2015

10 reasons why lilou from love love at first stitch is my go-to summer dress pattern....

It all started this morning, I sat on my living room floor surrounded by fabric and pattern envelopes feeling meh, I don't want to make such and such because of the high neckline, I didn't want to make that because of the abundance of seams, I didn't want to make that because well it's a sodding horrible looking dress and I'm not sure why I've kept the pattern. 

Then I realised , I want to make another lilou.
I have to make another lilou.
I can't make another lilou, surely that makes me the most boring sewing blogger ever! 

And then I realised lilou is perfect! And here's 10 reasons why! 

1: it's lined , so as long as I French seam the skirt it looks as lovely as most of the rtw items in my wardrobe. 
2: I can whip one up pretty quickly now, with minimal stress.
3: it doesn't matter which type of skirt I make it always looks cute! 
4: it's summer and it's a perfect length for bare (gasp) legs!
5: it's cold but it still looks cute with thick tights and a cosy cardigan! 
6: I've perfected the bodice and now the fit is excellent! YAY! 
7: I love the neckline! It's not nun height but it doesn't scream here are my boobs either! 
8: depending on which fabric I use it can be a day frock or a party frock! 
9: its perfect for the nursery run! 
10: it's just a fantastic summer dress! And a beautiful pattern! STOP JUDGING ME! 

So it's going to be dreadfully boring and make yet another one! I can't help it! I don't care if I end up with a wardrobe full of lilou a at least I'll be happy! 

Much love



P.s in other news, I found my original zipper foot today! Result! 


  1. It's a lovely dress, style suits you, and variations on a theme are always interesting I think x x

  2. Love you in this style of dress.


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