Thursday, 25 June 2015

Soft play, kurt cobain, vomit and embroidery.... Yep that pretty much sums up my week!

This week hasn't exactly been chaos, well at least compared to some of the weeks I've had (Christmas with the flu immediately springs to mind).

For started I've finished off an embroidery for a custom order with a lovely story, although I think that the story deserves its own post when the cushion is finished.

It's not my usual type of embroidery I mean there's not an owl in sight, but I do like it! It's based on pattern covers from the 1950s and 1960s. 

I'm particularly pleased with my French knot gold buckles on the shoes.

And the French knot buttons on the coat which didn't photography well so you'll just have to take my word for it that they are excellent! 

It's a very sweet face, embroidered face are a weakness of mine so I'm glad this turned out well. 

I'm other news, I've started to re read love and death the story of who killed kurtCobain as a teenager I was obsessed with rock music and I think I probably read most things written about his death and life. Every time I read anything to do with Kurt Cobain I assume he killed himself and everytime the evidence points to murder, there's really too much to ignore. 
Plus I love a good conspiracy theory! 

This week me and little onitwit attended the nursery trip to a soft play area called "just kidding" in Stoke which was lovely and clean. We were having a lovely time until little knitwit became lethargic and said he wasn't feeling well. A quick temp check showed that he was burning up , so I popped him in the car and drove him home early. When we got home he promptly threw up on his daddy (I know right, at least it wasn't the car eh?) he's feeling a bit better now, but I'm worried in case we've passed it on to other children, although he was fine when we left in the morning. 

Anyway poorly lil knitwit meant that most of yeaterday was spent providing sympathy and cuddles! But I did manage to start a new knitting order as well! 

Anyway I'm off to stop him climbing the walls, he's still a touch warm and has a cough but otherwise he's really perked up and is missing nursery! 

Much love



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