Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Slightly altered Lilou bodice

I'm a huge fan of the Lilou bodice so when I wanted to have a play around with altering a pattern that's where I decided to start! 

This is what the bodice usually looks like.... 

So here's the alterations i decided to make, first I decided to lower the back, like a lot! Into a deep V, to do this I quite simply drew a line from the shoulder until it met the back seam, (which I realise now, makes absolutely zero sense so here's a pretty picture) 

The piece on the right is the back piece, and the piece on the left is the altered front bodice piece where I decided to do a high neckline, for this I just drew a line from shoulder to the middle bit and hoped and prayed it would work okay. Which it did! 

Ah yes! There's a keyhole , that was a mad burst of imagination that I had when I was at the cutting out stage! And I'm so pleased with how it turned out! 

This is the lined bodice by the way (you may recognise the fabric as one of my first refashioning projects, I wasn't wearing the skirt so I repurposed it!) 

I'm considering adding this chain to make it a bit new interesting however I'm wondering if it might mess with my dryer! And the last thing I want is a broken dryer! 

And here's how the back is currently looking. 

Now there was a skirt , however my adorable idea, turned out to be less than adorable so I had to scratch it! 

I so have another idea for a skirt though so hopefully it will be ready to photograph soon!!!! 

Much love 



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