Thursday, 18 June 2015

the eureka moment...

I don't have many bright ideas, in fact my last bright idea might have been not to overfill the washing machine so I don't break another one.

But last night i did have one of my eureka moments, you know the kind of moment where you almost wish you had an audience to appreciate your moment of genius? I didn't have an audience, instead I had a bowl full of pasta bake and teen mom on record.

so anyway my eureka moment has been cut and is ready to be stitched and I am supper excited about it! I was starting to get into a funk with my sewing and I'm glad to see that I've snapped out of it!

I like having eureka moments, in fact during my first gcse textiles class I had a eureka moment, we were asked to design a small case for carrying around essential sewing equipment like needles, pins, and a bobbin. And I made this.

a nice little drawstring bag, with a doughnut shaped pin cushion. why doughnut shaped you ask? well you see you can slot a little bobbin in the middle of that doughnut so it doesn't get lost! Yeah I know right.... EUREKA!

The funny thing is though because it was a textiles class we had to design it before we could make it, and after I'd designed mine and gone to find some fabric samples I came back to find the girl next to me drawing exactly the same design. EXACTLY! I could have cried! Its so rude to copy some else's work! especially when you don't even know what the little doughnut is for! She swore blind that it was original but the fact that she'd chosen the same colours and written the same annotations seemed a bit fishy to me.

Anyway I went home and told my mum , who told me in no uncertain terms that I better work my hardest to make mine better than the other girls. Which I did, and although we stayed friends for many years I never trusted her again.

Anyway I still use my little baggie and I think about that every time!

but know for some more updated news!

- I've had a lovely surprise from my big sister and her husband which I will be blogging about shortly.
-  Me and Mr knitwits nanny planted some marigolds in my flower patch. (even if she was impressed by my gardening spoon)
- the first tomatoes on my tomato plant are starting to ripen!
- I've been doing some super chunky knitting!

- And I've started a custom embroidery! which I'm really enjoying! Even if the teensy tiny stitches are taking ages!

so there's not much to show but its all go!

much love



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