Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Toy story box cake review!

Lil Knitwit is a teensy bit obsessed with you story at the moment so when he saw this cake kit in the supermarket he asked very politely if he could "make it" 

Now I should probably mention that I grew up in a house where cakes/cookies/biscuits were made from scratch! You weighed your own flour and measured your own chocolate. 

In fact my only previous experience with box cakes is when my dad brought me back one from the supermarket to try. This says everything really, my dad went to the supermarket, which means my mum was elsewhere, and I think my sister helped with the oven, I don't remember my brother being there which means I was probably being distracted from my mum and brothers absence. Lord knows what happened there! 

Anyway this is what the kit contained..

Cases, two bags that would look out of place on an episode of border patrol and

Sugar decorations!

All we had to do was add an egg and water to the "cake mix" and whisk it all up! 

Ummmm appetising ?

We then spooned a pretty watery mixture into cake cases) and bake for 15 mins! 

Not bad! 

Next we made up the icing using the cocaine oops icing package and some water. And stuck on the decoration! 


Taste : I've had better and I've sure as hell had worse 5/10
Mess : barley any mess 9/10
Learning : we didn't get to weigh or measure anything , so lil Knitwit didn't really learn anything from these cakes 2/10
Fun : lil Knitwit missed making a mess, and sifting the flour, he also couldn't work out why there was no sugar (already in packet) and why we didn't use magic drops (vanilla essence), it was also too easy! Baking is usually a morning activity but these couldn't have taken longer than half an hour in total 3/10

So all in all would I buy them again? 

Nope not really, although they were good value £1 (10p per cake) I think I'd rather pay the extra and take advantage of the learning possiblities (weighing and measuring) as well as the feeling of actually making things! 

And I guess I'll just have to put up with the mess!

What your experience of box cakes? 

Much love



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  1. My boy LOVED toy story back in the day. ;) I'm sure your little one LOVED his cakes!


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