Sunday, 26 April 2015

Everything I touch withers and dies...

Okay so I've been patch working (by hand) and knitting furiously but it never fails to surprise me just how long these things take by hand! Although saying that I did manage to crack out 30 rows on my blanket whilst starting to watch pretty little liars on Netflix. I was genuinely gutted when call the midwife ended, I think I could have watched it forever! I mean it's one born every minute crossed with downtown abbey what's not to love. 

But anyhow, summer is most definitely here (my nose is blocked, stupid hay fever) and I've been treated to a new haircut! 

I love the part after the haircut where your hairs all soft and goddessy, no matter what I do the next time I wash it it's never quite as soft or swishy! But yes I have a new wig and I'm soooooo glad! I missed my fringe so much! 

In other news I've been starting a little garden, on my windowsill, because when I plant things they die.

This was my first plant, it's a Venus fly trap that I brought from home base for 20p because it was dying, and I made it grow! I saved a plants life! And I called him vinny. 

I've only seen him eat one bug though, maybe he's broken. 

This was my second plant, terry the tomato plant (please stop judging me for naming them) I also brought this one part grown, and for some reason he always looks droopy. 

Then I pushed the boat out and actually planted something! (There was mud and everything)

And some of the sweetpeas are starting to poke through! 

My strawberry plant however has not been very successful

Two weeks and it's still just a pot of mud. 

I think I killed it! 

But anyway here's my blanket so far, I'm having to do a block of solids in the middle because of a yarn shortage, but I think it's a pretty cool effect. 

Much love



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  1. Keep up the good work with your plants! I love trying to make things grow too! Your blanket is gorgeous. Enjoy the process.


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