Friday, 3 April 2015

Jumper refashion!

Im a huge fan of jumpers! Especially since I've been walking little Knitwit to nursery in all weathers! I'm also a huge fan of comfort! I was not however a huge fan of this jumper my mum gave me to refashion. 

Please excuse the mess! My mum has had this jumper for as long as I can remember and I have a sneaking suspicion that she may have got it from my sister! 

Bet you've not seen a new look label like that for a while! Other than some stitches  coming undone at the roll neck collar it's in very good condition! I think the Fabric is some kind of acrylic woolness and is in a very fetching speckle pattern! Which makes the jumper look quite busy. 

I started off by removing the roll neck monstrosity! Which luckily I just had to unpick! (Very carefully!) 

Next l had a little play around with putting on a lace trim, I really liked it but had a sneaking suspicion I wouldn't wear it very often, I was really looking for something I could just throw on and look effortlessly cool! (Or at least try to)

So instead I kept it pretty simple and just added some flat lace to each shoulder seam using my sewing machine. 

As far as refashions go it's pretty simple, but I'm trying to stock my wardrobe with day to day things and not just SPECTACULAR items! 

And it does sort of remind me of something you might find on the highstreet! 

This is me trying to look naturally posed, instead I look like I've waved back at someone who wasn't waving at me, (we've all been there) 

In other news! My invisible zipper foot came yesterday, so once I've worked it out I can finish off my new dress! 

I repaired some bras where the underwire was sticking out, I really shouldn't tumble dry them! 

Have done THREE Easter crafts with little Knitwit! 

Sorted my wardrobe, again! Sighs, I think I just need a bigger wardrobe! 

And watched that politician thing on channel 3 last night, and I can quite safely say I have zero idea about politics, they all seem lovely! Until the next guy gets the mic and turns them into satan! It's been said before, but the last man to walk into the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions was guy Fawkes!

Much love 



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  1. This looks lovely! I really should refashion again - haven't done it in so long!


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