Sunday, 5 April 2015

3 Easter crafts for toddlers!

I love Easter! I love rabbits! I love chicks! I love egg hunts! And I REALLY love chocolate! 

Needless to say I usually make a pretty big deal if the whole Easter thing! For starters we buy lil Knitwit quite a few eggs , I know I'm spoiling him to to be quite frank I don't care! He isn't spoiled everyday so on special occasions we like to go all out! 

We also get our craft on! Here's the three Easter crafts we got stuck into this week! 

Easter bunny cards! 

Quite simply white card folded in half, ripped pink wrapping paper, spare ribbon, fabric scrap bunny silhouettes (I cut these not lil Knitwit) and cotton wool bunny tails! And then lots of sticking! 

Prep time : 10 mins? 
Make time : lil Knitwit is a super speedy gluer, and we made four! So about 30 mins? 
Verdict : excellent grandparents loved them! 

Paper mâché Easter eggs! 

These were a little harder to do, first if all I crammed a small stuffed toy into a balloon. 

 Then I blew it up

Then we did paper mâché, waited for it to dry and popped the balloon. 

Then on Easter Sunday we ripped them open and the toys were born! 

Prep time : about half and hour ? It took me 10 mins to find paint brushes! 
Make time : about two hours? I carried on after little Knitwit had gone to bed.
Verdict : I think I'll save this till he's a bit bigger, and also make sure we have pva glue in the house so were not just using paint, ripping them open was a bit if an anti climax too so I'll probably add sweets inside aswell next time. 

Easter nests!

Barely worth blogging about! Stupidly easy to make! Taste scrummy! And kids love making them! 

Melt chocolate, add cereal, spoon into cases, add eggs (according to lil knitwits the ratio is one big one, two lil ones, me eat one) 

Anyway I was spose to blog this yesterday but was struck down by a migraine! Hope you all had a lovely Easter  

Much love


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