Monday, 13 April 2015

But I'm bored!

Mr knitwit has a whole week off! His Rita now works so that every third week he has a huge chunk of time off! It's lovely, and also really bloody annoying. It's kind of like having a child during the summer holidays "I'm bored" , "there's nothing on TV", "what shall we do today?", "I'm hungry" so yes it's lovely spending time together but it's also like having two children! 

It's also means I haven't had much time for sewing, I've got a jacket half made but I've decided to finish it differently so that's waiting. And I've got a dress to blog about I just need to find the motivation to iron it and photograph it! 

My knittings been pretty slow going as well, I'm starting to regret those extra 50 stitches! 

In other news! I went out for a lovely dinner with lil knitwit my parents, my sister and her husband! I actually tried something different on the menu (I'm notoriously  stuck in my ways) and lil knitwit tried, mayonnaise, brown sauce and mustard. He was NOT a fan of the mustard. 

And my sister took this lovely photo of us together 

Whilst my mother opted to capture these moments. 

And then she decided to post them to Facebook

My street cred is in tatters.....

She did manage to capture this sleep though so I might forgive her! 

"Mummy look it's a hand!"

Much love

A very uncrafty

For the moment at least 



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