Friday, 17 April 2015

The £4 suit, because I'm super classy and stuff!

Okay so I'll start by saying that I found this wool for £4 in a charity shop! There was roughly two metres so I immediately snapped it up. And yes it's proper wool, I did a burn test when I got home and stunk the kitchen out! 

(Please excuse, the terrible posing, bad lighting, grumpy face and crazy hair day I'm having! 

The pattern for the suit jacket came from simplicity k1699 , or at least I think it did? I'm pretty certain? And the skirt pattern came from the second great British sewing bee book, but I added the waistband from my clemence skirt from love at first stitch. 

Okay so let's start with the jacket, the back centre seam has a slight curve for fit (that or I cut it super wonky) and the sleeve has a cute tuck/pleat detail that I couldn't get my head around so I made it up! But it still works so bonus! 

The style is a meet in the middle type jacket? But I always tend to think of them as Chanel jackets! 

I didn't line the jacket (from what I can remember the instructions don't call for it) but I did draft my own facing for the front neck/front/collar area (yeah, drafted my own, LIKE.A.BOSS) and I top stitched my seams down to stop them fraying. I'm not sure if this is an actual method of finishing your seams or a made up Frankie method, but it works so I like it! 

I love the jacket the only change I'd make in the future is to narrow the shoulders , I've been told before that I have no shoulders (yeah I was surprised too, I mean I'm sure my arms hang from something) but I think making the shoulders more narrow should help. 

Next the skirt, as I've already said its a gbsb pencil skirt and I'm gonna say it! Hands down the BEST fitting item I have ever made! EVER! To the point where I wish the zip had an extra inch because the noises I make when I shimmy into this bad boy are not attractive at all! (Note to self: reusing zips, not always the best option) 

Please excuse the crease, I'm taking a break from ironing this week/month/year/life. I also top stitched these seams and lined the waistband with a pretty floral cotton, I skipped the interfacing because the wool was pretty bulky as is. 

It's also a wee bit shorter than other skirts I've made due to lack of fabric, that also explains my complete disregard for pattern matching and I skipped the back vent because I still can get my head around it and life's too short! 

So do I love it? 

YES! I made a £4 suit! I mean seriously! The jackets great , I made a wearable jacket! A jacket I can wear outside! And the skirt is just amazing fit wise! (Strange noises aside) I love the entire look together and as separates! But as a suit it definitely makes me feel like one of those saucy secretary's from the 1950s! I feel like i should have a martini and seduce the boss! 

"Any paper work need doing today?"

Much love



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