Friday, 10 April 2015

Oh what a wonderful morning!

Good morning sunshine! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the glorious weather we are having here in England! I mean seriously I didn't even take a coat out yesterday! 

Although we didn't stay out for long due to me having a very unfortunate headache, luckily after some fresh air in the garden it went away! Oh yeah folks I did gardening! Well actually mainly I just whined about gardening but still! And we even sorted out the shed and got rid of loads of crap, "what's this metal pole for?" 
"I dunno?"
"Shall we keep it?"
"Nah bin it, if we haven't needed it for three years we won't need it now" 

And we put some carpet down for the bunny rabbit! Yep that's right, CARPET! It's mainly so he doesn't wreck the shed floor or get too cold in winter! 

In other news I received these beauties last week! 

Copies of both of hybrid.9 albums! Which I did the cover art for! On both of them (insert proud face) 

This is the first album

But this is the best bit! 


And here's album number two! 

I love the lil tiny devil on the inside! 

I'm thinking about putting them up on the wall at some point, especially as there should be two more from other artists to add soon! 

Lil knitwit wanted in on the action! 

The band hybrid.9 can be found here

They really are excellent, I know I'm biased but it's true! 

Right I'm off the recover from yesterday's run because we might be going for a bike ride later.... Oh you saw me slip that in there did you? I ran, LET THE WORLD KNOW I RAN! I do sometimes feel like if I don't let everyone know then it might not have happened, sort of like the tree falling in the woods thing? 

Anyway, my big sister, who is older than me and basically a medical marvel ran 10k which made me realise that if the zombie apocalypse comes  she'll be able to run faster, further and for longer than me. 

And I'd much rather they ate her first.

Anyway it's given me the boot up my arse to actually take care of my self and not to just consider my body to be a chocolate hole. Or pizza hole, or doughnut hole........

Anyway if you haven't gathered, I'm stupidly proud of her especially since she was super poorly about three weeks before as well. She's such a star! 

Much love




  1. Thanks Frankie 😊 Although I'd always look after you & would never leave you behind to be eaten! Anyway, I can think of a few people I would happily sacrifice to the zombies 😋

  2. You did a great job on the artwork Frankie, I especially like the heart one :) xx


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