Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I'm a beautiful butterfly!

An old lady died in my mums home town, we didn't know her, but we do know.

I shall explain, whilst having a meander in her town we strolled past a charity shop, and outside of this charity shop there was a table filled with fabric and embroidery thread, and embroidery transfers and just loads of craft stuff! Well I had a small (slightly maniacal) dig through the box of fabrics and happened to find a black knit fabric, roughly two metres. Anyway after deciding to purchase (what? It's not new fabric if you know exactly what to make from it!) we wandered inside where we found about. 30 craft books and asked the assistant what had happened, turns out a lady had died and her husband had donated all of her craft stuff because he couldn't bear to look at it. Which makes me kind of sad, but at the same time im sure that a lot of people are going to get pleasure from his kindness and generosity and her good taste! 

Now my intention for the fabric was to make the three hour cardigan from the great british sewing bee book, but there wasn't quite enough! So I followed this tutorial for a cocoon cardigan!

You basically follow the instructions and mark directly into the fabric.

Excuse the mess, we've fitted a new sound system in the game room and are storing all if our Easter eggs! 

Right so it's comfy, and the construction was super easy, I did French seams for a nice finish and use a zig zag stitch and a ball point needle. This was my first experience sewing with a knit so I was pretty nervous! 

The arm seam kinda points at the nipple region, (can I say nipple?) which I'm not crazy about, but I think it's hidden by the drape of the fabric. By the way I have no idea what kind of knit it is, it's fairly stable with a very small amount if one way stretch, it's not thin like a tshirt, but the backs not fuzzy like sweatshirt. 

I'm not crazy about the gather detail at the back, I'll see how it washes but it might be ripped out. 

It feels very snuggly.

Here's me trying to do a casual pose, so you can see it hasn't worked! 

All In all I kind of like it, I don't like it as much as my kimono jacket, but it's warmer and I was DESPERATELY in need of a black cardigan I can just throw on over things. Yes i know springs meant to be here but have you seem it yet!? No didn't think so! 

Much love



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