Sunday, 29 October 2017

5 Sewing Products I Couldn't Live Without!

I;m not sure why I love long pins so much but they just seem to make everything so much easier. Especially when pinning pattern so quilting they just really help to stop things from shifting around!

Nothing makes me feel more like a Jedi knight than throwing some pins at this bad boy and them magically finding their way to the dish. It has changed my life! And its definitely changed the speed of my sewing, although word of warning don't accidentally decide to use another pin cushion after you've had one for a while because you will just throw pins across your table and you will have to pick them up......

Yes I know, I've just said I love one pincushion and now I'm saying I love another! But its true, you see this one comes with me. This one comes with me to my sewing machine in the dining room, or to my ironing board in the kitchen, or to the sofa where I do all of my hand sewing. Yet another word of warning though don't forget to take it off and wear it to Tesco you just end up looking a bit weird. 

I keep mine of a piece of ribbon around my neck so they are always handy. They are very useful for snipping into seam allowances and getting rid of threads.

Up until recently I thought tailors chalk was the work of the devil BUT as it turns out its actually pretty awesome not only does it draw on pretty much everything but it also comes off and its lasts ages. I've had mine for about a year and it honestly hasn't worn down much at all.

And that's it!

Those are my favourite products at the moment.

What sewing products are you loving

Much Love



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