Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Nannies Apron

My Nan turned 80 in September and naturally I couldn't let the occasion pass without giving her a lil bit of handmade!

I went for an apron because being that she was born 80 years ago I'd have to assume that she's part of the apron wearing generation. Plus they are just a bit useful really aren't they? I wear aprons all the time, for cooking for cleaning and sometimes just for fun I like to forget I'm wearing an apron and do the school run!

I put a big pocket on because shes got 5 grandchildren and 10 [god I hope that's right] great grandchildren so I thought she could keep illicit sweets in the pocket, you know the kind of sweets your Nan gives you after dinner even though you haven't finished all your food. 

I also made the ties long enough to tie at the front or the back. Please ignore those hanging threads I did snip them off but apparently not for these pictures! 

I'm not sure where the fabric came from I just found it in the fabric cupboard and thought its the sort of thing that might appeal to Nan. Its a well established fact that Nan's like flowers! 

In other news:

Rikki starts a new job this month and they sent him biscuits to welcome him to the family! I have never been so excited in my life, I MEAN BISCUITS PEOPLE BISCUITS!!!!!

So yeah I'm off to eat biscuits!

Much Love




  1. Replies
    1. Arrgh it's hard to count when stu and kyra just keep popping them out! X

    2. I must admit I had to count them out by name 😊 xxx

  2. What a great present she will love that because you made it for her. Jo x


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