Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Thomas the Tank Engine Pyjamas

I'm not quite sure how to start this post so I'll just launch straight in..... 

I made Thomas the Tank Engine Pjs

Me the 25 year old woman made Thomas the Tank Engine pjs...................

And I basically think they are the coolest thing in the whole wide world! Because well Thomas duh!

So this all started when my friend was having a clear out and found a load of his old childhood curtains. Including a pair of Thomas the tank engine ones. Now to begin with I did think "dress" I mean after all I made a He-man dress and I love that. But I don't actually like Thomas as much as I like He-man. 

I have a theory that having lil Man ruined Thomas the Tank engine for me because lets face it when you watch something on repeat it does kind of take the shine of it. Also Runied : Fireman Sam, Noddy and The Simpsons

Thus why Lil man will never be watching He-man or Thundercats......

Anyway then I stumbled upon the idea of making some Pjs. Mainly because Sew now mag was offering a free pj pattern at the time that I really liked.

Would you believe I couldn't pick up a copy of the magazine anywhere! We tried 5 supermarkets, our local newspaper shop and whsmiths but I couldn't find it anywhere. So I looked online trying to find something similar and then I had an epiphany. 

Why not just pattern hack some pjs? 

So if you own Love at first stitch by Tilly Walnes then our can make these jammies [you will have to find your own Thomas the Tank engine curtains though.] The bottoms are straight up the Margot pyjama bottoms but I changed the drawstring waistband for an elastic one. 

And the top is just the Mimi Blouse but I lengthened the sleeves and omitted all of the iron on interfacing for comfort. I did keep the regular facings though because they leave a nice finish on the collar. And I swapped the gathers on the front and back for pleats because they look a bit less twee.

As it turns out the combination of the two patterns ended up making a pretty cute pyjama set and as an added bonus I didn't have to spend any money. 

I was a bit worried the Mimi blouse might not work but as it goes I quite like the loose fit and the lower neckline as it means I can pull it over the top of my head without faffing with any buttons. In fact if I make another set I might just sew the buttons directly on and leave the front closed. 

Lets all just take a moment to appreciate that Edward is bang on my crotch area! I swapped the draw string for elastic because I tend to find that the drawstring likes to become really blooming difficult to undo just as I'm desperate for a wee! Elastic however just means I can whip them down!

Sadly I didn't have quite enough of the Thomas fabric so the back is cut with the trains going down and the sleeves, yoke and collar are cut using a different fabric, also from my friend.

Changes wise next time I think I might add an inch to the sleeves and make the top a fraction longer. Its not necessarily too short now but I do like the idea of having a bit more length. I'm also thinking that a pocket on the chest might be nice for keeping biscuits in and stuff. Because well biscuits.....

All in all I'm pretty darn pleased with them! Rikki thinks they are possible the most sexless thing I own and hes right but they are comfy and I love the style. So much so that I've already got plans to make another pair in some silky Pyjama fabric! But before you think I'm making a grown up set please bear in might that said silky fabric has MONKEYS on it!

Much Love




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