Saturday, 14 October 2017

1 Year Wedding Anniversary

Me and Rikki have been married for a whole year. ONE WHOLE YEAR! Where in hecks name did that go?

We've kept it pretty low key celebrations wise, we had a nice lie in this morning then we exchanged presents , I got Rikki some vintage video games and he got me a VIDEO CAMERA! Which you'll be pleased to know means I'll be getting myself back on youtube and doing some new videos!

On the downside I did manage to wake up with a pretty awful headache this morning so I;m having a lie down and watching bake off whilst the boys watch the football! 

But it did occur to me that whilst I did do a post wedding blog post  I never actually showed you some of our photos from our photographer the lovely Kim Shaw! 

So here's me applying my perfume after I'd been informed you should spray it "everywhere you want to be kissed", I sprayed it a few other places too!!!!!!

And here's me and Kal my gorgeous maid of honour doing patter cake moments before we left the house she did a fantastic job of keeping me calm through the whole day!

My gorgeous boys!!

Me and Kal trying to be seriousness but not quite managing.

After we tied the knot! I was shaking so much during the service! Never been so nervous in my life! 

Oh the fun things photographers make you do!!!! I nearly fell over, apparently walking is harder than I though!

Anything boys can do!

Girls can do better! Yeah we lifted him, its because we're awesome and stuff!

Me and squish! By this point we were both feeling pretty tired and getting chilly. Even though it didn't rain and we had sunshine we still had to deal with the cold!

I can't believe I only got to wear this dress once! How unfair is that?

Me getting excited over cake!

And being embarrassed by the best men!

All in all it was a wonderful day! And I'm having a great anniversary! Headaches aside! 

Much Love




  1. The black & white photo of you at the top is beautiful Stein xxx

  2. Wow that went by so quickly and your photos are lovely. Happy paper anniversary. Hope you got some patterns!

    1. I got a VIDEO CAMERA! so I'll be back on you tube soon!

  3. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, these photos are just beautiful.

  4. Just fantastic 1 Year Wedding Anniversary photos. Everything is just perfect in these pictures. Keep sharing such photos with us. Anyways, we just got engaged and had a wonderful party at one of the local LA event venues. It was truly emotional but enjoyable day.


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