Friday, 27 October 2017

Plum Wool Skirt

There is nothing I love more than when one of my friends walks through the door with a big of bundle of fabric they've found for me! So far we are on the third time in a row that our friend Steve has walked through the door with fabric for me! So far I've had some childhood curtains from his loft, his Mum sent some curtains from the market and the fabric for this skirt came from a bundle of stuff from his Nans.

When I saw this piece of fabric I did a full on swoon, its the most beautiful plum coloured wool, which I checked by doing a burn test in our kitchen. Might have set the smoke alarm off, might have terrified the neighbours with my shrieking as I tried to get the smoke out of the door. 

Sadly it wasn't a huge piece but It was just enough for a gathered skirt with a pieced waistband.

By the way I'm definitely wouldn't wear this skirt with this top but I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to change my top half for taking photos. 

Now due to the fabric limitations I had to do a pieced waistband and as the piecing was in the centre front I thought it might be fun to do a little V detail. I basically did this by cutting a diagonal on the two pieces but if anyone is really interested I can do a quick tutorial? 

I actually think the V in the front makes it look really interesting and less like a basic winter skirt? The extra seaming did mean its quite bulking in the middle though with is why I'm glad I lined the waistband with cotton instead of using the wool [I'm not sure I'd have had enough wool anyway, but lets pretend it was me being a smarty pants okay?]

I also decided to add a cute bow at the top instead of a button or a hook and eye because I thought it just seemed a bit more fun! Sadly I'd forgotten how dammed pedantic I am about having an even bow and its really tricky to tie a bow when you can't actually see it. I mean naturally I could ask Rikki to do it but he SUCKS at tying bows and he doesn't seem to want to take an hour long class from me on how to tie the perfect bow either......Bizarre right? FYI below the bow is a zip, but that's pretty boring so there's no details on that!  

I top stitched the top of the waistband to keep everything lying flat as I know wool can get a bit squiffy in the wash. Speaking of which one of my favourite skirts [this one] has died a death in the washer this week and I am GUTTED. I really bloody loved that skirt and I feel like a barely wore it! [I mean I wore it to death last winter but I think because its been summer I just felt like I hadn't done with it yet]

Length wise I think I've struggled again, looking at it I'm wondering if I can take an extra inch off the hem? You know to make it cuter? and a bit younger looking? I dunno I might wear it a few times and them see.

Other than that I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

In other news:

I'm still felling a bit "low" this week after everything that has happened recently but here's a few things that have made me smile.........

1. Eating carvery [I love roast dinner but I HATE cooking it!]
2. Fabric gifts from my friend
3. Chocolate Digestives 
4. Another parcel of fabric and some patterns from another friend
5. Lil man and Rikki playing their new video game and having a proper giggle fest as Lil man realised that he could make Rikkis Character jump straight up in the air and spin. 

So yeah! Whats made you smile this week?

Much Love



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