Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sweet Treats

The theme of these past few days has mainly been sweet, for starters we had Halloween. Naturally lil man got dress up as the grim reaper and stayed out for the longest he's ever stayed out. Normally he gets tired from the walking and it being so late but this time we came home because he wanted to hand out sweets for a bit. In fact I was quite worried about trick or treating because it can be so hit and miss with how many people actually have pumpkins out and I didn't want him to be disappointed.

In fact the only downside was at 10 o'clock when there was a knock on the door.... Now before you think I'm a huge wuss bear in mind Rikki was on nights and it was bloody Halloween so when there was a knock at the door I nearly wet myself. And no I didn't open it. Anyway my neighbour checked her cctv and it was just kids playing knock a door run............

But anyway! Here's my latest sweet treats!

This pin cushion was my by my niece for a craft fair her and here mum were doing, here mum sells some really cool up cycled stuff and you can find it here. But my niece had made the pincushions by herself to sell and well you can never have enough pincushions! The top is cotton fabric with cakes on and the bottom is a silicone cupcake case. 

And last night my mum and dad dropped off my last birthday present which had come a bit late! 

DONUT PATTERN WEIGHTS PEOPLE! I mean they are donuts and they actually look like donuts, to the point where my five year old was like "can I have one mummy?". I've had to explain to him what they are and that under no circumstances should he try and eat them! 

They are handmade and are from "oh sew quaint" which is an etsy shop. They are a good pattern weight size as well, they should fit on all of the areas of a pattern like straps and stuff. And they seem to be really well made, for example non of the sprinkles have fallen off and that's after me and lil man had a look at them! 

P.S If you want some of your own the shop is currently closed due to a high number of orders but should be open after Christmas, you can find it here. 

They also make Magnetic Donut pincushions and macaroon and french fancy pattern weights which are also really cute! 

In fact I'm wondering with all these sweet themed sewing things if I should display them on a cake stand or something? 

In other news!

Lil man has a his school disco tonight and he is very excited!!! In fact all the kids go a bit hyper and its a bit like being at a rave.... But raves are more low key.

I've started a bullet journal in the hopes of being more organised but so far I'm just enjoying making all the pages look pretty! 

I have a pile of things to photograph but the weathers just been so rubbish that I've not managed it! 

Much Love



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