Saturday, 1 April 2017

Knitted Owl!

Today is already not going well. I just opened my new foundation and its a whole shade darker than my skin, so either boots have changed their formula or I'm getting paler. But either way I look like a wotsit this morning.

But anyway! Those off you who have read the blog for a while may remember that back in the day I used to make a LOT of knitted owls to try and sell online and at craft fairs. Long story short I HATED it. But every now and again I do find myself making one if I'm requested.

This one was for my mum [Please excuse the photos I forgot to take some so my mum took some on her phone] Anyway she requested dark blues and purples so It would match her spare room. Its a really simple knit and it was great for using up spare bits of wool.

This ones weighted with stones because I didn't have any rice to hand. So it should definitely keep the door open. And its got supper fluffy ears and Lil man named him "Bird". Don't you just love when kids give things obvious names? Like gold fish, black fish, orange fish with black spots............. 

And yeah thats it really! I;m hoping to get these written up as PDF patterns soon but I haven't quite worked out how to make a PDF document!

Much Love




  1. Bird is very cute! What a great way to use up leftovers, sorry to hear you look like a wotsit but you write so funny and it made me chuckle :D

    1. It was not funny! Its a real struggle being this pasty! but I;pm glad you got a kick out of my orangeness!! x

  2. Bird is very cute, I love a good stashbuster type project and this looks idea for those little left overs that I just can't bear to chuck.

    1. Its so hard to chuck leftovers away I think its because I'm always so surprised by how much wool costs!


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