Sunday, 9 April 2017

Josephine's Blanket

Life is pretty good guys. I've had a chock full week and I'm knackered but I've got a Chinese on the way and I'm feeling pretty darn good!

As you already know we had the Easter bonnet parade on Wednesday, then on Friday I volunteered to walk the children from Lil mans school to church for their Easter service. It was a LONG walk but I was classified as an actual grown up and was responsible for lil man and one of his friends. Which quite frankly terrified me because OMG who is this child and what if I break it or it thinks I'm stupid or something? As it goes the kid was okay, quiet but okay and we broke the tension by talking about our favourite dinosaurs. 

Then on Saturday we had the Grand National and Lil man only went and won himself £44 at the bookies! [using his daddy's account of course!] which he has already spent on two new lego kits and the new version of mousetrap. 

Then on Saturday night I went out. Like out out. Like clean knickers, shaved above the knee put a full face of makeup on and a cute dress [this one to be exact] out! Granted I spent an hour sat on Lil mans godfathers sofa watching him play fifa until my friends actually arrived in town [It was really cracking of him to look after me until my friends were out especially seen as he had plans of his own! BUT since when did meeting at 10pm become a thing? 10pm is bedtime? If you want conversation you need to catch me at around 7pm] But when I was out I had a great time apart from my mock-tail had traces of pineapple in and my my face feel a bit tingly [I'm allergic to pineapple. Pineapple and if you ever want to kill me that's the way to do it!] 

But anyway! This project is one of my sit and knit and not think projects. I started it to see how the new prym ergonomic knitting needles would fair with a hefty project [you can read my review here]. 

Its basically all of the blues, purples, whites and greens from my stash knitted together to make a diagonal blanket. I got all of my little piddly balls of wool from my wool drawer and split each one in half and used one half for the increases and one half for the deceases.

Its a great way to use up all of those odds and sods of wool however you will have to weave in 1 million ends [this might be a small exaggeration]. But I think it really works and I love the scrappy homemade vibe it has. It kind of reminds me of the sort of thing they'd have made in world war 2 when supplies were scarce and they used to re knit things. Which is a style of thinking I really admire. 

Its for my new baby niece Josephine. I seem to be using a lot of blues and purples when I make her things? Maybe because I always think of here older sister as being the little pink baby? Plus I tend to think the gender stereotypes of pink and blue babies have gone out of the window and things are a lot more neutral.  

This is actually the second blanket I've knitted for her the first being this rainbow one which was another diagonal stitch blanket! This one is a bit bigger than the rainbow one which is more of a car seat blanket than an actual sleeping one. Actually looking at the pictures of the rainbow blanket I think I might have to make another because its pretty cute! 

So yes I love it and hopefully the little one will get many hours of rest underneath it. I think its going to go and live at my mums thought because my sister in law and brother have said they already have lots of blankets at their house. Which I don't mind because my mum will use it and look after it. She even has a baby blanket from when I was born that's still in good nick!

So yeah that's it! I am way behind on photographing my dressmaking projects! But I'm hoping to get those done tomorrow unless we decided to go on a bike ride! 

Anyway I hope you've all enjoyed the weather! 

Much Love




  1. Super blanket and so thrifty!!! You are getting old finding 10pm late!!!!! xx

    1. I know right! But I was soo ready for my bed! x

  2. I've not been out out in ages (and ages) I'm in my pjs by 10pm nowadays :D (so no shaving above the knee here 😂) Super blanket, love the scrappy look, and it's square when a crochet a blanket it did this /_\ luckily it was for me.


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