Thursday, 30 March 2017

Hobbycraft Haul!

It's always suspicious when your Husband says why don't you buy yourself some things from hobbycraft. But as it goes he genuinely just wanted to spoil me..... Or at least I've not found anything broken yet!

Okay so here's what I got!!!

I recently read that every time you find a blunt pin you should bin it and well lets just say my pin tray as been dwindling! 

Okay so confession time, I eyeball my hems. I never measure them and I never iron them. Its a terrible habit but I think it stems from having the most tedious textiles lesson where all we did was measure and press our hems.....for about an hour and a half! But hopefully this little tool will help me to be more precise! 

My last lot of tailors chalk was from a market stall and it was quite frankly awful! It didn't transfer onto fabric and nearly put me off chalk for life! Hopefully these will be a lot better! 

Its a good job my fellas good looking because he cannot grasp that some pairs of scissors are only for cutting fabric! So I generally only buy cheap scissors and these value ones are some of my favourites! I mean their not the best in the world but until I've got him fully trained they do quite nicely!

This is for another wool and the gang double trouble jumper. I knew I wanted a pale colour but I love that this has little flecks of black and copper in it too!

I've never had a jelly roll before so I was pretty intrigued and so far all I can say is that its smaller than I thought? I'm hoping to make a quilt using this [and some stash fabrics too!] for our living room. My idea is to have a handmade quilt in every room of the house and these are the colours I want in the living room.  

I first saw these on the stand at the CHSI stitches stand they said they were huge in America and that they think they are going to be huge over here too! Now its hard not to be biased because they also gave me a cake whilst I was chatting to them but I can confirm that its super squishy and that the colours are very vibrant! Now I just need to see how it knits up! 

And that's it! I can't wait to start making things! 

and if you've used any of these products please let me know! 

Much Love




  1. Super haul, you've made me pins are very old and the only ones I throw out are the bent ones as I'm often too lazy to take them out when sewing! As for hem I usually whack the iron round whist eyeballing, time is precious :) you'll have to let me know if it's something you use lots. The other bits look fab too.

    1. definitely start throwing out your old pins I;m already finding myself less frustrated! x

  2. Most times instead of Tailors chalk I use air erasing pens. For longer term I use heat erasing pens Love them!!!

    1. I have some heat erasing pends but they don;t show up on all fabrics!

  3. You should be able to make a quilt with a jelly roll and some of your stash. Jelly rolls are usually 40 strips, is that the size of yours? Also, keep working on the training of both your "guys" to leave the sewing scissors alone! Your future daughter-in-law will thank you. Mine actually did thank me for teaching my son that there are sewing scissors ( Momma's) and there are regular scissors ( for everyone else).

    1. This jelly roll only has 20 strips I must have gotten a smaller one :( x

  4. In the States, Jelly Rolls usually have 40 strips. Your has great colors...A78mandel at yahoo dotcom

    1. I think this one only has 20 so I guess ill have to use stash fabrics aswell!


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