Friday, 14 April 2017

Knitted Baby Booties

I love half term and being able to spend time with both my boys. But boy does it suck for trying to find time to sew! My knitting however has never been more productive!

These colour blocked baby booties are yet another effort to use up my large wool stash and all of the itty bitty bits! Luckily they knit up pretty quick!

I knitted the whole pattern in garter stitch even though it called for stocking stitch. You can just refer to me as a rebel without a cause from now on!

In knitted the smallest size and have already put them into a gift bag ready for the next baby to be born!

Its a fairly boring project really but I just haven't had time for anything else! Especially sewing!

So far this week we have:

had one night out,
one visit to Burton on Trent to finally crack steering a bike with no stabilisers! Yeah that's right guys Lil man is on two wheels!
one morning of seeing my Nan at my mums
one cinema trip to see Boss Baby
Making easter cakes
one day with Lil man godfather
today which features a mcdonalds date with Grandad for lil man and then seeing another one of his godfathers this afternoon.
tomorrow we have a 1st birthday party
and then Sunday is Easter!
And we still have another week to go!

But as soon as lil man has his first day back at school I'm sitting down for a LONG sewing session!

Much Love



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  1. Those booties are adorable, the look fiddly work being so small but oh so cute. School holidays are busy! Wow two wheels, no stopping him now 😊 x


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