Monday, 3 April 2017

The Green Dress

I'm gonna warn you now, this is a picture HEAVY post. Basically I thought I;d best give you all of the details of the pattern hack I did back in February. 

Okay soooooo the fabric was from Abakhans and I have no idea how much the magazine sent but I used it all!

The pattern was for kwik sew 4111 which is a perfectly nice day dress sort of pattern. I started by slashing and spreading the neckline. This gave me a really nice draped neckline, it also meant that the green was further away from my face [green has a tendency to wash me out] . 

It also gave a great sort of 1930's evening gown vibe. The whole time I was making this I was watching atonement where Keira Knightly wears "that" green dress!

For the back I decided to only put the zip in on the skirt. so the back is closed at the top with a small button and loop but the rest is open. This might be my favourite part! I love an open back on a dress!

My hair took an hour to pt in and an hour and a half to take out. One of the mums at school was nice enough to explain to me how to do it!

I also lengthened the skirt and added pleats the whole way round instead of just at the front! Trust me there is a lot of fabric in that skirt! I used the originally curved hem from the pattern and left in the overlap. I had to hem the whole thing before I attached it to make sure no raw edges could be seen. To hem it I simple over locked to edge and then folded it over twice and sewed.  

I love that high slit, however I do have to wear it with a slip because the fabric is sheer. Its not an issue with the bodice because I lined it but the skirt definitely needs something underneath!

I also added embellishments to the waist ties and the shoulders. I hardly ever put beads on my makes but I think its a really nice touch on this. The gun metal coloured beads all came from my stash. The shoulder ones are sewing directly to the seam but the ones on the belt were sewn to a piece of felt first for stability.

And yeah that's all of the details!

Much Love




  1. Such a stunning dress, love the changes you made!! The back slit is fab, the skirt is amazing and such a good idea with the front, I'm not great with anything high neck. Its a classy but sassy dress and your hair is gorgeous!!! I wouldn't know where to start??? Although my hairdresser chopped to much of my hair off :( x

    1. Oh no silly hairdresser!!! Im glad you like the changes! x

  2. That is a beautiful dress. Where are you going to wear it? Jo x

    1. Well I have a wedding coming up and Its in the running for that! x


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