Sunday, 16 April 2017

My Sewing Bad Habits

We've just done our Easter egg hunt, I have a belly full of chocolate and I'm catching up with Project Runway whilst the boys watch the football. So life is pretty darn good!

Anyway since I've not really had time to sew it's all I've been able to think about! Including my own sewing bad habits! 

1. Putting pins in my mouth

My A level textiles teacher used to scream at me across the room "HEALTH AND SAFETY WHAT IF YOU CHOKE AND DIE?". And some nights went I accidentally swallow one I see her point! I mean what would I do? Phone Rikki at work and be like "oh hey babe, I just swallowed a sewing pin so can you take me a and e? cheers duck"

2. Skipping Interfacing

I have an un-natural hatred of interfacing! It just gets on my nerves, it never sticks to what its meant to and it always sticks to my bloody iron! Plus it never matters how much I buy I never have enough! Instead I've been using thicker upholstery weight fabric instead of interfacing. Ya know cos I;m bad to the bone and stuff! 

3. Not trying on as I go

I suck at trying on as I go! If I'm sewing I just want to sit and sew! Now I try to make myself try on or at least wack it on my mannequin to get a better sense of the fit! I have been stung by finishing something beautifully and then it not fitting though!

4. Not ironing seams

My iron doesn't fit in the dining room where I sew so I have to walk alllll the way to the kitchen.... Yeah I no that is a terrible excuse but in my defence I am getting better at ironing my seams! Now days I just tend to sew a load of seams and then iron them in one job lot! 

5. Not throwing away blunt pins!

This is one I'm really really trying with! Now if its blunt I bin it straight away. Slowly I'm getting to a place where the majority of my pins are fairly decent!

 6. Using scissors with paper

In my defence I don't buy expensive fabric scissors and I do replace them pretty regularly. But its still an awful habit to have especially if I do ever end up with an expensive pair of scissors!  

7. Sewing without pinning

If its a striaght seam I don;t tend to use pins. In fact I remember helping my cousin finish her fancy dress costume [about an hour before she was due out] and I sewed the whole dress without pinning once! Her sister was HORRIFIED! To be honest I probably won't try and improve on this what can I say pins are for the weak! 

8. Not measuring hems

I tend to eyeball my hems when I fold them up and hope for the best! But recently I brought a hem gauge and now I'm hoping to break this bad habit!  

9. Not changing my machine needle

I read recently that you should change your machine needle one for ever 3 bobbins that you wind. OMG I don't change them that often! It tend to be more of a woopsie daisy this one just snapped and nearly blinded me! 

10. Not hoovering afterwards

My poor poor husband! The amount of times he leaves the house covered in threads and bits of fluff is just embarrassing! But when It's 1 in the morning and you've finally decided to pack the machine away sometimes you just cannot be arsed to hoover up as well!  

So yeah I'm a bad bad sewer! 

What sewing bad habits do you have?

Much Love




  1. Oh this made me think! I do usually pin (not short straight bits) but never take them out and sew over the top so I do change my needle more than I would otherwise as I do break them and bend a lot of pins! I also hold pins in my mouth (which makes me feel profess too) I have a 'wing it' kinda attitude but I think thats mostly good x

  2. Not as many as you lady!!! I NEVER use my scissors for paper neither do my two girls, they have been seen telling their dad "they are only for fabric dad, put them back!" I maybe guilty of poor pins but about a year ago I had a clear out when my friend bought me a new set in a nice tin. Always measure hems, try on, iron seams. I guess I am lucky because I sew where there are laminate floors so it is easy to sweep up. Brush up on some of those bad things and you will be an amazing sewer... Jo xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I never press seams...Ok, I probably do if I have just made bias tape or attached iron on interfacing... Other than that the iron is on the ground floor and I am on the 2nd, i normally only get about 15 minutes at a time to sew...Not a snowball in hell's chance of pressing seams! Also, instructions don't tend to get read all that much...Most patterns are 3D jigsaws. But I have realised that I miss good techniques by doing this. Maybe one day I will learn!

  4. Putting the pin your mouth can be extremely dangerous. God forbid something terrible can happen. Keep a woolen pouch and stick the needle to it. stay safe!


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