Monday, 9 January 2017

Simple Sew Kimono Dress #010

Okay so technically I finished this way before Christmas and I pretty much love it. In fact I wore it to my families Christmas celebrations and I felt pretty darn sassy! [Apart from my mum telling me to put my boobs away, but I'm blaming the slip I had one underneath for that and not the actual dress.....or my boobs!]

Right soooooo! The pattern is Simple Sew and I believe it came free with an issue of Love sewing magazine? I however was given it by my lovely pen friend. You can also buy it here for £10.

Right so the pattern details, its printed on pretty thick tissue paper and the instruction are pretty sparse. I'm tending to find this pretty typical of simple sew patterns to be honest. Yes the instructions are clear enough for a beginner and I love that they don't over crowd their pattern sheets with unnecessary faff but I think if you want a nicer finish then some sewing knowledge is better for their patterns.

Its three pattern pieces, the from the back and the belt. I ignored the belt piece and just cut my own from the edge because it seemed more economical. In fact when I make it again I'm not going to bother with the fabric belt. I've only used the fabric belt for this one once to take these photos most of the time I just wear it with a skinny black belt.

The sleeves are part of the front and back pieces and I think they are called grown on sleeves? I thought that might mean they'd be a bit sticky out but I think having a very drapey fabric really helped with the sleeves and with the cross over style.

The fabric itself was from abakhans and lets just say it was a Christmas present from me to me......... I had gone in with the intention of buying some African wax print cotton to make a Christmas dress but they didn't have any *sobs* I had a little dig through some of the bins and this sort of fell into my shopping bag..... and then brought itself............ Anyway I think its some sort of sheer poly Georgette chiffon thing. And its got an awesome paisley/henna sort of print on it.   

I was glad I found the fabric for this because it feels like I've been looking for the right fabric for it for ages! I was worried if I picked the wrong fabric it might end p looking like one of those dinky bathrobes that desperate housewives wear [I have like 3]. Anyway I think this fabric is definitely the right fit even though its slightly sheer and by slightly I mean I do have to wear a slip underneath.

So construction! The insides are overlocked which really helped with fraying and keeping things tidy and then the sleeves and the entire outer edge has been hemmed on my regular machine. I kept these hems really dinky because of the sheerness of the fabric. I'm pleased with the finish its almost as though it came from a shop!!! 

Okay so whats the verdict. Well Ill be completely honest when I first made it I nearly binned the pattern, it just seemed loose fitting and fugly. But I have this policy were I wear everything I've made for at least one day to get a proper grasp and well at some point I fell in love. I chucked on my slip and a little belt, some nude tights [yes I know its winter but nude tights are my bestie!] and them my thigh high boot and I just felt like the absolute BOMB! I love the hippy vibe, I love that I can just wear it as a cardigan and I love how easy it is to wear! Yes I do wish the overlap at the front was a bit deeper but other than that I actually think its pretty cool! [plus I recently brought a fedora that looks awesome with this!!!!!]

So yes I am going to make another one and I think I might take a look at the simple sew patterns to see if there's anything else I like!!!

In other news I had to sit on the naughty step today because I shot Rikki in the face with a nerf gun.......and we have a family rule that your not allowed to shoot people in the face with nerf guns..... and what applies to the smallest member of the family also applies to the biggest ones too!!! [FYI it was a cracking shot right below his eye and I have no regrets!!!!!!!!!!!!] 

Much Love




  1. So pleased to see this, I have this pattern (from love sewing) but haven't made it yet, it's fab to see it made up. You do look da bomb! I love the hippie vibe and this would make a super summer dress. That's a hell of a lot of hemming though! Do you think the matching tie makes it more bath robey? We have a no face rule too but it is bloody funny when it happens!! X

    1. MAKE IT! seriously! I have worn this as a dress with a slip underneath and as a cardigan and I have big plans to pack it for my holiday! Yeah it is a lot of hemming, I overlocked the edge and them just folded it twice if that makes sense. Left a really nice finish! x


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